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Vendor Managed Services

We are able to assist by supporting your vendors and contractors in the following way:

– Financial management expertise
– Payroll management and accounting services
– Managing bank accounts
– Developing and implementing systems inc. HSE, IR, HR etc.
– Developing skills
– Conducting audits
– Support with tender submissions, proposals etc.
– Management development and coaching

Neutral Vendor Managed Services

A Neutral Vendor Managed Service model is where we are neutral in our management of suppliers, by not directly recruiting or resourcing any of the workers or services required. All job vacancies are released by us to the panel of Employment agencies, with each supplier having equal time to supply suitable candidates.

This ensures that candidates are measured against set factors which, in turn ensures there can be no bias to one agency over another. This means that each supplier has an equal opportunity to source candidates of the right quality and skill for the role, motivating the agencies to send their best candidates.

The successful orchestration of this supply chain engagement extends beyond just timely, efficient and high quality supply. Once all parties are working in synergy, the true value of labour provider agency resourcing will be realised.
Other benefits include;

– Neutral, transparent service offering; – assuring best advice and capability
– Improves risk management; standardised terms, contracts, controls, compliance
– Insurance, immigration, work cover, no monopoly of supply etc.
– Simplify your processes; streamline ordering through to invoicing via a single point of contact i.e. centralised billing, timesheet/hours
– Increase staff fulfilment; more jobs filled with quality candidates, reducing recruitment and advertising costs
– One single point of contact/portal; dedicated account manager; – single point of contact for access to a large pool of labour state wide, national and overseas
– Transparent and relevant management reporting
– Quality on demand; It identifies quality suppliers able to meet demand with quality, with staff fulfilment nearer to 100%.
– Implementing strategy; enable your strategies to be realized through proven expertise and effective implementation.

As in most walks of life, differentiation in service provision is largely attributable to the calibre of the people involved and the relationships that they build within the stakeholder community.
We are in a unique position as an experienced NVMS provider to bring tangible benefits to all stakeholders including labour providers and our clients.

As vendor management experts, we also collaborate and manage other business services and companies that can offer services that are frequently requested by our clients and most importantly delivered to our high standards.

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