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We have been a supplier of quality unskilled labour and working holiday visa workers for many years to locations all over WA and the eastern states.

With regards to Working Holiday Visa workers; our knowledge and contacts through our migration business ensure that we are always up to date with changes in legislation, have great supply available and ensure 100% compliance for your organisational needs.

There are other Visa options which can be used instead of the WHV and we would be happy to discuss these with you.

Sample Jobs that would fall under this category include

• General Labour
• Process Workers
• Pickers
• Packers
• Cleaners
• Fruit Pickers
• Farming Assistants

We also have experience in running onsite management, vendor management and neutral vendor management services which can be ideal options to consider if you require a larger volume of workers.

Contact our team on
9581 2300
or email [email protected] for farming roles please email [email protected] to have an informal discussion about your requirements

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