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Overseas Staff

International Staff for Western Australian Business

Auxilium Resources is a premium provider of overseas staff for positions throughout Australia.

We offer a unique all-in-one Recruitment/Migration solution to ensure your company has easy access to a wide pool of skilled overseas personnel, to meet your operational needs.

We have extensive experience with the migration process, and can assist with every aspect including: business nomination, employer sponsorship, validation, skills assessment, IELTS testing, language classes, and relocation of the chosen workers.

All workers must pass a strict English language test (IELTS) – both written and spoken before they can be sponsored. This ensures that all workers can converse well with their Australian colleagues and fully understand all health and safety requirements.

One Point of Contact

Auxilium Resources manages the entire Recruitment/Migration process from beginning to end – providing employers with one reliable point of contact.
All candidates are fully briefed and therefore fully committed to your company prior to their arrival. This is why we have a proven, 100% track record of success in the procurement and placement of overseas personnel in Western Australia, and an enviable record throughout Australia for worker retention – to date, no overseas employee has been returned by our clients.

Overseas Resources

Auxilium Resources has key resources and recruitment facilities located throughout the Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh, New Zealand, China, India, and some European countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland. This enables us to manage the complete recruitment and migration process, including:

  • Swift search and engagement of workers
  • Full skill testing and assessment in country of origin
  • Swift processing of applicants/workers
  • IELTS training and assessment
  • Co-ordination of all documentation
  • Managing all government and embassy document compliance

Visa Processing

Auxilium Resources Group owns A&M Australian Migration which has been a highly successful Migration Agency in its own right for over 10 years. Terry Collier, Auxilium Resources Group Managing Director is a Murdoch University graduate in Migration Law and Practices and a Registered Migration Agent. This gives our clients` access to a professional on all matters migration.

So now you can employ overseas workers:

  • Quickly
  • Confidently
  • Efficiently
  • All from one convenient source

Relocation Services

We offer a wide variety of support services to assist overseas applicants with their relocation to Perth and other parts of Western Australia. We are with them every step of the way, from their country of origin through to their new employment and life in WA.
If required, a full support package is available, which includes short stay accommodation, opening a bank account, choosing a school and buying a house.
If you are looking for highly skilled workers and a streamlined, swift, practical solution to meet your staffing requirements, call us now to find out more on (08) 9581 2300.

Overseas Workers for Farming Roles

Because of our connections here and overseas we are well renowned for our ability to supply high quality overseas workers for your farming needs, we have multiple options available for you which can result in being able to keep the workers longer than the 6 months that is currently in place for WHV workers.

If you would like and informal chat about options, costings and our ability to meet your requirements please contact us on 9581 2300 or email [email protected]

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