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General Privacy Statement

“I acknowledge that the obtaining and disclosure of information from referees may assist (or be detrimental to) my employment prospects and may be beneficial to the steps that Auxilium Resources might take to locate suitable employment for me and I request that Auxilium Resources take steps to obtain and disclose relevant personal information about me to the extent that it may be required to do so in connection with the supply or possible supply of any service to its clients or potential clients.

I promise that I will not hold Auxilium Resources, its consultants or any third party (including, but not limited to a referee, former employer, or client of Auxilium Resources liable for any detriment that might arise from the communication of any personal information collected about me and I authorise Auxilium Resources to communicate the details of this promise to any third party to whom it may relate, acknowledging that both Auxilium Resources, its consultants, and such third party may rely upon my promise and act upon it to their detriment.

I understand that the personal information referred to above is any information or an opinion (whether true or not) about me, which may range from the very sensitive (e.g. my medical history or condition) to the everyday (e.g. my address and telephone number). It would include the opinions of others about my work performance (whether true or not), or work experience and qualifications, aptitude test results, and any other information obtained by Auxilium Resources in connection with my possible work placement.

I acknowledge that my promise may be relied upon to stop me from bringing a claim or proceedings in connection with the disclosure of personal information about me.

The promise which I have given above will not apply:
• to personal information collected by Auxilium Resources or its consultants which is not necessary for one or more of [the recruiter’s] functions or activities which it is not necessary; or
• in a situation where any such information is communicated by Auxilium Resources, its consultants or the third party out of malice; or
• in a situation where Auxilium Resources, consultant or third party reasonably believes that the information is false unless the disclosure of the information is qualified by a statement of the communicator’s belief as to its falsity; or
• in a situation where Auxilium Resources, consultant or third party is grossly or recklessly negligent with respect to the accuracy of the information disclosed.