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Consultant / Coach Hire / Workshops

We have a flexible team of experienced Coaches and consultants that are able to mobilise quickly, fully integrate into your team, positively engage with your stakeholders and provide long term commitment, whilst bringing the required change or improvements.

We enjoy bringing effective change initiatives that make a real difference to your business and enjoyed by your staff and management alike.

Cost effective staffing: Our coaches and Consultants are employed or managed by us directly, allowing you to hire the Coaches or Consultants only when you need them.
When the contract is nearing completion, our Coaches and Consultants will be keen to provide a thorough hand over to your staff, including developing/training staff to the level required to ensure the implemented actions continue to work well within your business.

Our Coaches and Consultants have expertise in the following areas and would be happy to assist you with your needs:

– Change Management
– Leadership development
– Organisation development
– Cultural change and awareness
– Project Management
– Business Improvement etc.
– ICT Consultation
– Aboriginal/indigenous engagement consulting

Let us bring positive change and staff development to your business. Contact us today on 9581 2300 or email [email protected] for a no obligation discussion.

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